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Signal Close Action – Tactics

Age of Sail naval games often enough assume one side to be superior to other. Mostly by providing arbitrary bonuses to certain nationalities, or certain wind conditions, taking the decision and sense of discovery out of the player and reducing … Continue reading

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Mansions of Madness, Streets of Arkham

2nd Edition of Mansions of Madness has a potential. In fact, there has been quite few surprising, and enjoyable scenarios. Most recent addition to the collection was Streets of Arkham. Rather on the pricey side, it has few updates, such … Continue reading

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ASL – Again

Well, yes, I should have seen this coming. Mailman just dropped a packet to my front porch and what else could it possibly contain but a brand new 3 ring binder? Mind the previous one was already seriously out of … Continue reading

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Holiday Fire in the Sky

Once again there was an opportunity to play Fire in the Sky, my so far favorite take on the Pacific War. As I have pointed out before, I’ve had a though time winning as USA, and my Japanese opponent appeared … Continue reading

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