Mad Saturday

An opportunity came about to play 2nd ed Mansions of Madness again – actually, truth to be told, several times already between the posts, and for the second time we journeyed second time to the Sentient Hill. Not to give out too much spoilers but it was refreshing to find out that the layout was completely different than last time around.

This time it was also much harder, and frankly all but last minute of the game we thought that we’re not going to make it. Not that everybody did. We didn’t – sort of. My character was first to see the end for the greater good in desperate charge against one of the monstrosities spawning from the swamp not so soon followed by another investigator dying on misery of insanity – considering that my character was insane, but dead, he apparently also completed his goals. However, only if the last of us could put up a fight against the horror that walked on the hills…sentient hill - 1

As it happened, after throwing stick of dynamite to soften the abomination up a bit, it was engulfed in a fire, ignorant of the pending doom (considering the creatures anatomical aspects, I was less surprised than I probably should have been. A benefit of being dead I presume). Coming Mythos turn last one of us, was then struck by a lightning. Should never stand on a hill during thunderstorm – except, as it happens, when chased down by abomination in a shape of a meatball from someplace nobody dares to watch. Grass around her was lit on fire at the moment the abomination raged in – only to perish in the engulfing fire.

Stupid creature.

That said, I thought that while I don’t really like the bendyplastic(tm) miniatures, I thought that I could put some paint to the investigator characters. Not bothering to use the monster figures anyway – they’re too poor quality.

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