Mansions of Madness, second scenario

There was an opportunity to play the second scenario in the revised Mansions of Madness, and this time the evident goal was to escape from Innsmouth. Not to go terribly deep into details, all three of us failed miserably, albeit two were nearly successful due to insanity that was setting in. At the end I no longer cared of leaving the town, but rather collect as much stuff that I could – and to that end, a fellow player was taking on monsters a tad too much. To my luck, it happened to be the one player with most of the stuff :D.

MoM-2nd-2nd scenario - 1

Early going, found the first cultist.

So, he died in the harbour, just within my grasp, fighting a angry mob and some other creatures of late. I was hiding and waiting for his demise to dash in to get his possessions but just when that was about to happen, the mob destroyed our way out and the scenario ended. So close, yet so far. I thought that I should have gone into the fry and give a kick or two to my fellow player to expedite his demise, but then I decided discarded the idea. Next time I will not be so kind, should the opportunity rise. 😉

Overall, escape scenario was interesting, albeit we could not quite figure out the way out – mostly because of divided attention of players. There is certain need for co-operation and when one out of three elects to do things his way and not much of co-operate, then well… there goes. Especially when instead of looking for glues, he wanted to beat every monster in the the hopes of the monsters running out. Knowing the time limit built into the system, other two attempted to figure out as much as possible before running out of time. Unfortunately these two operating modes did not really go well together. Especially when we had no weapons.


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4 Responses to Mansions of Madness, second scenario

  1. Luke says:

    Sounds like fun! The big question: in your opinion, is Mansions of Madness worth the price tag?

    • Tichy says:

      Thanks fir your comment Luke and welcome. Price / performance is indeed a good question. First edition was certainly not but for second edition, hmmm. Consider that there are not that many scenarios but there is a lot of potential because it is a real exploration system. Core engine itself is solid one so that is not a problem. I have played now four times, the scape from the Innsmouth twice and won all but the Innsmouth scenario. Scenarios turned out to be long, actually quite bit longer than suggested, however they can be saved in between with the app.

      There is some replay value and I found out that if played second time around, and not handing over too much of the story to a new group, play the Buttler. It is very good support character which will also add a good amount of cooperation.

      However, the bottom line is this: the core is solid and new scenarios could easily be constructed with existing components. There are not that many scenarios and replay value is reduced by the nature of the exploration theme. Price is high, but not that different from the first ed disaster and other company offerings.

      If there would be a fan made free scenarios, or scenario editor, it would be definite yes (not actually sure at this point if there are)

      I would suggest to try it out, if you know someone who has the system.

      • Luke says:

        Thanks for the in depth reply. So effectively, try before you buy. That is sound advice. It seems a bit rubbish there are only four scenarios, but it also sounds like you have really enjoyed playing. Maybe the pricetag for the hours and fun isn’t that bad. Thank you.

  2. Tichy says:

    Note that if you have, or can borrow first edition map tiles, the box contains conversion kit (effectively containing all necessary monster counters and character sheets) that allows few (2 or 3, cannot remember now) more scenarios, and enable you to utilize the monsters & characters from the 1st ed. If you don’t mind using proxies, you don’t even need figures, just map tiles.

    Solution for the scenario shortage would be digital print on demand system, or DLC if the price is kept low enough. So far there is one such in my knowledge at price of about 6€.

    I may not have mentioned, but I prefer to play without the plastic master figures, so proxying or not proxying them has not been such a big deal.

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