It sails

Some half a year ago I embarked on to build a small Schooner. Now there was an opportunity to set sail on a local lakeside. Wind condition was a bit gusty coast wind, and as a result, “rough seas” affected the sailing somewhat.

Sloop sails - 1

Although I trust my ship building skills, I have to admit that the shallow draft, relatively high sides and limited ballast (there is no separate ballast keel) combined with gusty wind had me worried for a bit, but for no reason. Afterwards I thought that it could probably handle the topsails as well, or at least the foremast spars.

I never (not even as a kid) really liked the idea of having additional ballast keel albeit I fully understand the benefits for sailing. I like the challenge of building and rigging vessel in a way it is not needed. Strangely satisfying to see it work 🙂

Little Sloop performed admirably and not a once did it even sip water to the deck. Heavy gusts pushed it off course for a brief moment before it corrected itself back to by the wind. Because there is no RC capability, there are only three ways to retrieve the sloop from middle of the lake. Rescue boat, opposing shore or little retraction line that is attached to the back.

Sloop sails - 2

Sloop sailed in quite straight course after rudder was counter adjusted to compensate the push of the wind but naturally lacked any mid-sailing course corrections. Sails were set for sailing by the wind, mostly because it is the safe way in heavier “seas”. I am thinking about certain automated course corrector, but perhaps current one is more fun. At least one gets to turn the wheel to set the correction. 🙂

Anyway, Schooner turned out to be a great little thing that hopefully provides hours of fun for my daughter in future. Especially when she learns to control the sail settings. She was quite happy with the trials. 🙂

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6 Responses to It sails

  1. Peter Anderson says:

    Very nice! My dad scratch built a sloop of the same general kind, and it was birthed in my room until my parents finally left their house a few years back. We sailed it in Central Park in New York City on several occasions!

  2. Azazel says:

    Bloody amazing, mate!

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