ASL – Comissar’s House

Recently there was an opportunity to enter Comissar’s House. A legendary Stalingrad scenario of bloody street fighting in terms of ASL. All things needed for both sides feeling the pain are there: German assault engineers, DC’s, flamethrowers and one strong fortified building for Russians. Every hex has a cost – every building has a price tag in it. Playing Russians I had a plan to retreat slowly but steadily back to my fortress, forcing Germans to bleed for every single hex they entered.Comissars House - 1

To that end, my final reserve was set up in the fortified building, consisting of last resort – commissar and 6-2-8 squads that were pretty good at keeping the nearby streets empty of enemy presence. Instead of deploying machine guns in the fortified location, I decided to have some nasty fire lanes for Germans to pass – it did mean that I would of course lose the MG’s deployed in that purpose eventually, but this way they would buy time. Additionally, and here’s the surprise, I would make the Chemist shop a trap that surely attracted attention, and behind that I would mass up considerable force that could take it from the German hands at the end of game when majority of the German heavy FP forces were engaged with he Comissar’s house. Assault force totaling 10 squads were slowly withdrawn from the Chemist house perimeter to safe location waiting to strike the decisive blow against the German flank.Comissars House - 3

Germans came in guns blazing, thinking that the superior firepower and good leadership was everything that was needed to make Russians collapse. Indeed, on paper it shows that it could. They were severely mistaken. True that the initial advances went in relatively fast and it seemed for the Germans that Russians were forced away from their positions. However, every encounter that ended up with eliminated Russian squad, German Assault Engineers paid for. Chemist shop fell relatively easily, but it delayed the advance quite a bit and not everyone defending it was eliminated.  Significant force departed from the Chemist’s House in good order. The garden between the Chemist shop and Comissar’s house became German burial ground and only few Germans ever walked away from it.Comissars House - 2

Eventually the heavy casualties started to tell and after suicidal and failed attempt to breach the Comissar’s house by heroic 10-2 leader, Germany conceded defeat. There were simply not enough time to breach and clean the defense.


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