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ASL – Comissar’s House

Recently there was an opportunity to enter Comissar’s House. A legendary Stalingrad scenario of bloody street fighting in terms of ASL. All things needed for both sides feeling the pain are there: German assault engineers, DC’s, flamethrowers and one strong fortified … Continue reading

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A Game of Maria

Maria is one of those games that have rather interesting flow and some interesting mechanics. The beef of the game is military conquest spiced up with walk on a diplomatic slackline. Our first three player outing turned out to be … Continue reading

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Reviews of Obscure but Interesting Games XVII – Buffalo Wings

While waiting for the release of JD Webster’s Wings of the Motherland, Against the Odds published magazine game about the Finnish aviation under name of Buffalo Wings. This little minigame is more of a return to the relative simplicity of … Continue reading

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