What would life be without…

asl pocketYou may have guessed right the latest acquisition. Or not. ASL pocket edition is book for people with very large pockets and long journeys. Unfortunately my own three ring binder is separated from my current location by more than thousand miles, along with rest of the ASL stuff. Some of which is remarkably rare these days.

Talking of which, since recovery flight would be much cheaper than replacing them, I should probably embark to the journey to save my ASL. Anyway. Since I have not heard the place being drowned underwater, nor burned to ground I could assume with some margin that it is safe. Only spiders may have kept company to the counters – I hope.

So, since ASL has sneaked it’s way to my table after over decade of slumber, I found it necessary to refresh my memory. Admittedly I do remember more than I thought that I do, but still there are few things here and there that require refreshing. Not really into buying another three ring binder, I thought to be sneaky and have just the lightest rulebook available and sit on someone else’s table. Good news are that there are always lack of opponents for ASL. Proportionally more people have the system and no opponents in vicinity than those that do not have the system that would like to play.

So, while waiting to get my own copies back, I can hone my skills and have some reading along the way. I think that not bad deal. That said, I could have the book only as a statement of the power of the Index.

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