ASL day – Revenge at Kastelli

Revenge at Kastelli is an excellent learning scenario because it has very little out of ordinary, but both sides have rather difficult task. German paratroopers try to survive, and Greeks try to kill or capture vast majority of the opposing forces. Area is large, and battles are fought in two fronts and it requires a lot of movement. This is the second time I play the scenario, and this time I had the opportunity to try out the Germans.

My plan was somewhat ill conceived as I took the Hill 621 on board 2 as my strongpoint, and on board 11, low hill with house in the road crossing. Intent was to buy more time. Afterthought it would have been much better to build defense in the other hill on board 11 and have realistic option to a) link up with forces destined to evacuate Hill 621, and b) have better evacuation options.

As expected, (because the paratroopers have to deploy to hexes numbered 6 or greater), it was difficult to build strong defensive presence on the Hill 621 at start. When Germans were in position, the Greeks were already long way up the hill. With some delay tactics, and somewhat ordered retreat, the forces managed to fight slowly out of the hill and half of the forces dug in to the shell holes on board 3. other half, including rear guard was cut off and overwhelmed. I had a firm intention to pull Greeks into a city fight where they would have to expend every movement point under fire to clear the buildings and where the numbers would not count.

Meanwhile, the forces on board 11 were fighting for their very survival, and put up very stiff resistance. Some Greek squads became berserk under fire and cleared few of the foxholes Germans managed to dig at the beginning. Others attacked the German positions head on with terrible, terrible casualties. It was a slaughter with Greeks moving in open under -3 DRM infantry fire. And at the end German defenders were still standing when remaining Greeks withdrew to regroup.

Being late in the game, the morale of my opponent started to crumble somewhat and after Greeks lost three squads in melee against one German paratrooper, he conceded the game. Technically he could have had time to recover (with a dose of luck) and make yet another attack but it was not likely.

The Greek attack went in very well considering the scarce cover available. Hill 621 was extraordinary deal but it was not enough to push the defenders out. To win, he would have needed to either kill, or capture German paratroopers. To achieve that, Greeks needed to engage in close combat, or break and force surrender.

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1 Response to ASL day – Revenge at Kastelli

  1. Tichy says:

    Hmmm… have to remember next time that:
    1) if unit cannot fail ELR any longer because it is as bad as it gets, next time it will become disrupted…
    2) encirclement causes a bit of a dip in morale – something that has to be used here…
    3) Wall advantage has a point 😀

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