ASLSK Day – Scenario S3

Time to play another SK1 scenario, Simple Equation. Like in previous game, this time it was Germans who did not remember to set up their fortified buildings. Something that would almost definitely make difference. Regardless of that little mishap, it was very close game and at the opening moves of turn 6, it was all but clear who was about to win.

So, I had the Americans. have I ever told that I really do not like 6-6-6 troops? They have splendid firepower – if they stay alive long enough to use it. Not knowing better, I decided to concentrate on the middle and on the right, but give also impression that my attack would come along the whole front.

Defenders were not set in depth (how unusual), but most of the firepower was at the front facing the advancing Americans. Middle and left were pretty strong, including MG that stared down the forested road. And heavy MG that kept the edge of the forrest unwelcoming. Right flank had large building but it was relatively weakly defended, with single MG post at the stone building at the edge of the open.

So, in my attack went with heavy cover of smoke, first clearing the MG station at the right, then progressing through the large building while the Germans put up a fierce resistance with the conscripts in the middle. Attack stalled momentarily due to critical smoke grenade failures, but then the flamethrower got into action – with first shot minor damage and on second time around from perfect point blank position, pin check  – and that was it for the FT. I hate when that happens.

Anyway, progress on the right was good and got hold of the row of buildings in the right. German now scattered opposition that build up around the orchard was mowed down by substantial enemy fire and after a bit of pushback the American troopers overrun the last defenders in close combat in the middle.

At the same time some of the remaining German troops attempted to recover already gained buildings from the rear, but did not succeed very well. Idea was good because they also interfered with established rally point but it was too little too late.

Americans won but just barely. If Germans would have remembered to put their fortifications in place, it would have been extremely tough. Along with it better positioning of Heavy MG would have made huge difference – now the best German weapon only got in few shots – albeit almost all of them with good effect.

Lessons learned, German troops have little chance in direct firefight with Americans if they swarm the opposition. Smoke and movement are the best friend of Americans, just keep pressing as fast as possible and swarm the enemy.

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