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ASL day – Revenge at Kastelli

Revenge at Kastelli is an excellent learning scenario because it has very little out of ordinary, but both sides have rather difficult task. German paratroopers try to survive, and Greeks try to kill or capture vast majority of the opposing forces. … Continue reading

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ASLSK Day – Scenario S3

Time to play another SK1 scenario, Simple Equation. Like in previous game, this time it was Germans who did not remember to set up their fortified buildings. Something that would almost definitely make difference. Regardless of that little mishap, it … Continue reading

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Reviews of Obscure but Interesting Games XIII – Squad Leader

What started it all for squad level infantry combat was not ASL, but Squad Leader instead. Squad Leader was later expanded by several supplements such as Cross of Iron, GI Anvil of Victory and Crescendo of Doom. Each expansion took … Continue reading

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Pax Romana PBEM – Turn 1 (and the last)

So, starting the game up. In first activation, perhaps not surprisingly Greece decided to hold his interests in Roman territory and send SoF army there. Fueled by destructive rage he went off to punish innocent Capuans and burned the town … Continue reading

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Reviews of Obscure but Interesting Games XII – Flight Leader

Starting from WWI, and moving through to WWII there was also an period I was interested in modern air combat but that period was short lived and did not really take my fancy. Only system I really ever dove into … Continue reading

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