ASL Sunday

Two scenarios of ASLSK were played during Sunday. First one was 88’s at Zon (S14). Very short scenario where American paratroopers run over German occupied town of Zon, and then exit from the map edge. Attackers outnumber the defenders by factor of two and arrive in two patches.

Germans placed one of the 88’s close to the exit to cover as much ground as possible, and another was further in the front to block the attempt from the right. Troopers were to slow the Americans down in the town – pretty much all they could hope for. It was over quick for the Germans, American first element moved quickly close to the second element entry point and then the whole lot pushed forcefully through the defenders. There was nothing that could be thrown in to suppress American superior firepower or prevent the Germans from failing their ELR.

Only one 88 AA had opportunity to fire few times but in avail before the exit condition was filled. Germans lost badly. I still have no idea how to block the American advance if they choose to concentrate forces and not come over in piecemeal. Felt that the scenario fell a little flat.

Second one was at least in my opinion more interesting (if not balanced, at least not so overwhelmingly desperate – not to say that I don’t like desperate situations). Monty’s Gamble (S23) from SK3 includes three assault guns, two AT guns and some covering infantry on both sides. I was playing the British and deployed the AT guns in only viable positions that covered the entry roads (and apparently missed the fact that I could have deployed everyone using HIP). German infantry advanced quickly to the outskirts of the town but then lost momentum and did what one should not do in ASL. They stopped. Because one AT gun managed to kill one assault gun before breaking down, the other two became very cautious in their advance and waited for the infantry to remove the threat. When they finally got going, another one was killed by ridiculously accurate critical hit. Third assault gun then just sit in the middle of the map firing smoke to single key hex before at the very end dashed into safety. British Piat missed the advancing assault gun at the last moment.

Unfortunately most of the infantry were not so lucky and were stuck in street fighting that were not advancing their goal. Concentrating forces to kill AT guns instead of heading to the board edge it became evident that Germans were at loss. At the end, Germans got through 10VP’s out of 17 needed for victory.

So, it was the ridiculously lucky shot that changed the outcome there – yet, with more vigorous push, victory could have still been recovered.

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  1. Tichy says:

    Will try to do in future – was too busy playing. 🙂

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