Best of wishes for 2017

SCA.FP.deternayvs.graves - 272016 was a year that had saw some interesting activities. Most notably there was typical summer miniature gaming spree where Signal Close Action took prominent role, with some Basic Impetus (now also 2nd ed.) and Drums and Shakos Large Battles thrown in between. So the BI/DSLB only tradition is breaking now. Good.
There was also entirely new thing coming up. End of the year sprint for Sharp Practice II was somewhat unscheduled. I always wanted to have sufficiently compact skirmish level system for the French Indian War and for what I read, Sharp Practice fit the bill nicely and did not hesitate. After few months of pondering, ended up with 10mm and found it quite pleasing scale to paint. By no doubt the process continues well in 2017.french-regulars-sharp-practice-2

Besides of miniatures gaming, there were some substantial board gaming during the year – at least compared to some other years. Somewhat unexpectedly I have rediscovered (if that was ever undiscovered) ASL – something of a really good news because I like the game a lot and was always missing opponents. Steady pace of couple of games of ASL in a month would be great (it is interesting that after about 10 year break in ASL, the games appear much quicker than it did in the past).

pax-romana-aar-scenario-ii-take-i-2Other prominent four that have seen table time were Wilderness War, Hannibal, Fire in the Sky and latest but not least, Pax Romana. In fact both Wilderness War and Pax Romana have also sprung up VASSAL games and at least Wilderness War works in that format  very well indeed. Fire in the Sky and 4th edition Successors were late year acquisitions, both which I had been thinking of getting for a long time.

Then on the lighter shade of things, there were of course Claustrophobia with two and three player configurations – which is quite nice dungeon crawl and very easy to explain to newcomers, X-wing – a bit weird but funny game that is set to Star Wars universe. Not really big fan of the post classical stuff nor competitions though. Spirit of competition, arms race and optimization without much much fun is strong.

Unfortunately it starts to feel a bit like Magic the Gathering of old.

schooner-hunter-part-iii-7Bonus feature of 2016 was the little scratch built Schooner Hunter that admittedly took some time from the wargaming hobby, but then again it was time well spent (the boat has seen a lot of playtime already, in and out of bathtub) – even though I missed the window of open waters and launch needs to wait till next spring. Good news are that then at least I have time to finish the rigging.



For the 2017 then? Most definitely more ships to the Signal Close Action painting queue and more table time for the game. More table time for ASL and possibly acquisition of pocket edition of the rulebook unless I manage to get my ASL stuff to my current location. Additionally, there is some degree of rush to get the 10mm figures done for Sharp Practice, have proper forest terrain done and looking forward to have some table time for that too. Basic Impetus 2.0 needs to be comprehensively looked at and some existing armies need to be modified or converted to the new army layouts. Some of them have seen dramatic overhaul (which was appropriate I think).

So, it’s going to be busy time in the hobby front I think.

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