First batch for Sharp Practice II

First troopers are marching out of the painting table for Sharp Practice II and are ready to wage war in the norther borderlands. Some randomly selected British in campaign dress were the first to be despatched to the frontiers. My first ever 10mm, and also incidentally my first ever British. Should probably paint first two groups of these and someone to command the lot and then matching French to try out the system. After that it is easy to season the core with provincials, highlanders, rangers and indians to taste. Pendraken 10mm are quite pleasant to paint – and perhaps more importantly, offer a bit of relaxation after the hordes of 6mm that are still in the works. Judging the time it took to paint these fellows, it should not be terrible long ordeal to have two forces ready.

I thought that Seven Year War officer packs of Pendraken would be officers on foot. Well, they weren’t so all my five British and five French officers are now mounted. At least it will be easy to distinguish them then. Thinking of it, perhaps it is only proper to distinguish from the rabble.

So, here they are in campaign dress, attempted a bit worn look but that is not an excuse if / when there are some mistakes in the uniforms.


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1 Response to First batch for Sharp Practice II

  1. Excellent paintjob, especially in such a small scale, they look s good as 15mm.

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