Alea iacta est – Pax Romana PBEM starting

Pax Romana PBEM my dominion.png

Decided to join up four player advanced Pax Romana PBEM game by Vassal Engine. It has been in making for over a month but finally we have reached a state when things should start to move about a bit quicker. Powers were selected randomly, and I got the honor of being Rome Рwhat in my modest experience evolves into countless hours of invading barbarians, petty squabbles and never ending invasion threats from all directions (not to mention that I start with 1/3 of my territory already possessed by Greece). While doing that, I thought also to post out progress log periodically as we get along. Good news is that there are directions one can expand with relative ease, and some rather good legions that can deal a lot of harm to the enemies.

At the moment I don’t really have strategy to follow, and have to see the ambitions of others before acting in direction or other. There has been no diplomatic discussions and won’t be before someone initiates them by card plays so it may take a while before any materialize.

One of my favorite games that don’t see enough table time, so it ought to be fun (regardless of the outcome)!

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