Acquisition and terrain plans

Sharp PracticeI mentioned desire to join Sharp Practice II and have done something to move towards that end. Besides of starting to think about the terrain that I would like to build for 10mm French Indian War (hills, streams, meadows and elevation changes among other things), I’ve made very small and very basic acquisition from Pendraken.

A few regulars (Colonial, French and British regulars, Highlanders to name a few) and irregulars from both sides (Rangers and Courier du Bois) are expected to enlist, to have adequate forces to pit against each other in the northern wild. And of course, the irregulars of the irregulars – indians. Sharp Practice does not require whole lot of figures, and were talking tens, not hundreds of them which is a nice thing. Basing plan is, well – open at the moment.

Now, what is really left to bug me a bit is that I need to build trees (I would need to build them anyway, but just a bit different scale, hence my hesitation over 6mm or 10mm) – magnetized (as suggested by Dagger & Brush – good grief I’d like to do trees as he does…) individual ones that would sit on the hillsides, and/or small clumps of two to four would be nice.

In fact, I need to build a whole lot of them and they should be substantial enough to make the terrain look realistic, but at the same time they should not tower everything else. Somehow it is easier with 6mm, when you know that the real scale is in no scale with the figures whatsoever. In skirmish scale of 10mm, 16m tree would be somewhere around 100mm tall. Double that for a big one (now, Sequoia do not count). Thinking of that, I am inclined to stay in 100-150mm range at the moment but then again, trees have never been my strong point.

For the landscape I think I should take a walk in a forest. Visualizing is one thing but looking potential landscape could give an idea of the volume forest should take in the battlefield. Too bad Monongahela is somewhat far but luckily I have some idea of how the region looks like.

Would be good target to have troopers and terrain ready by the summer campaign season and with slight bit of autumn colors it would look splendid.

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