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Reviews of Obscure but Interesting Games VI – Infernal Machines

I always thought that Landships was an unique game about topic that interested only few people when originally published. I was one of the few. Originally it was my friend and ASL opponent who found the game accidentally. I thought few years … Continue reading

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Acquisition and terrain plans

I mentioned desire to join Sharp Practice II and have done something to move towards that end. Besides of starting to think about the terrain that I would like to build for 10mm French Indian War (hills, streams, meadows and … Continue reading

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Basic Impetus 2.0

Well well, we are finally reaching the time when Basic Impetus 2.0 is about to land. Today is the day that it is published and I will of course get digital copy – and then as soon as able, bring … Continue reading

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Reviews of Obscure but Interesting Games V – Pacific War

In a series of obscure but interesting games, it is turn for Mark Herman design, Pacific War, published by Victory Games in 1985. There are few reasons to wake this monster game from the obscurity it dwells in. Pacific War had the … Continue reading

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Beast from the past – ASL

Well, should have seen that coming. Or rather, has been around for a long, long while but there has been a gap of many years due to reasons revolving around lacking opponents and other stuff. ASL is such a package … Continue reading

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