Schooner, part III

Got a bit enticed with the schooner for a while (there is a chance she’ll be sailing before strong winds and winter ice). Masts are standing and spars are done. Most of the essential fittings either ready or waiting assembly. Hull is nearly ready – working on some rather weird method of building, started to rig the boat before bow railing was complete, but that was because I run out of the materials needed – and I had several alternatives to create it. Not entirely happy with the bow but well, that’s what happen when one does not plan…Of course, albeit there is perhaps some resemblance with the Hunter or some other period schooner, sloop or brig, the boat is not a model nor intended to be one. Everything that can be is done as rigid as possible (the actual owner is quite young at the moment but I hope that the schooner will be around for some years to come) – and therefore also either out of scale or otherwise more rugged than one would expect.

On the other side, because hull is generic of the period, and rigging is done as it is, it can be completely dismantled, and pretty much every bit of the sail plan can be redone to schooner, brig, topsail schooner or other variation.Deck gratings will appear at some point, but at the moment they are just decoration that can wait. Wheel is on place as is tiller & rudder. Glad to say that they work as intended.

wilesco-steamMeanwhile, while browsing through the storage of various bits and pieces for the schooner I made a discovery – incidentally something that may turn out to be a toy in future. Wrapped in cloth was a well preserved old boat steam engine, Wilesco D52 which I recall being well over 20 years of age. Oiler cap had suffered some damage, and some of the o-rings were in relatively bad way but one should be able to find a replacement parts for those and give it a go. It would make splendid river boat indeed.

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3 Responses to Schooner, part III

  1. Wow truly beautiful work

  2. Indeed. Impressive craftsmanship on display here. I can’t wait to see it finished with the engine. You should make a video of it steaming down a river.

    • Tichy says:

      Thanks for your comment! I won’t fit schooner with the engine – too late for that, albeit tempting idea :D. Hull would be actually too small (it would barely fit if everything is stripped off and waterline would become, say – deep – albeit not quite submarine). The engine burns solid fuel and would need an open hull – something akin to “African Queen”. On the other hand, the shipowner is a tad bit too young to handle live steam engine but in couple of years I can build RC boat fitted with it.

      Perhaps I will have few useful tools by then…

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