Reading for the Weekend – Rigging

riggingIncidentally I can foresee this book taking visit to a daylight again. Rigging period fore-and-aft craft by Lennarth Peterson is a book that focuses solely – as name implies – in rigging of fore-and-aft craft. Three examples are provided: British Naval Cutter, French Lugger and American Schooner.

Author goes through the rigging plan of each craft in admirable detail – and most importantly, exquisite drawings provide clear visualization for each and every yard, deadeye, block and rope. Of course it is important for any model maker to have the rigging right, but the details also help to understand why rigging is done in a way it is.

Selection of the ship examples is also nice, because (at least as far as I have found) those happen to be the more unusual ones and rigging reference is not easy to come by.Of course, I have a soft spot for smaller craft, Schooners, Cutters and Brigs being my favorites.

Conclusion then. If  building fore-and-aft rigged model, and there in need for a proper introduction and reference to the subject of rigging, this book is about the best one can find.

As the little project progresses, there will be ample reasons to use the book and not only for the visual appeal (no doubt I will omit a lot) but durability and hopefully also functionality.

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