Something completely different

My daughter likes sailing ships. A lot.


One day I promised to make her a ship when playing with a boat made of bark. Of course she did not forget and next two weeks I heard questions about the ship. I took some time before I found hull drawings, and thought that could take potentially rough handling but then again it was time well spent – I hope. Drawings needed some adjustments, and the ship is nowhere near model, nor intended to be one.general-hunter-1

Of course, being miniature shipwright, I thought that the ship needed to be scratch built. Preferably constructed in realistic way (especially because it cannot be terribly heavy, but should be rigid enough and easy to handle). I had some ideas, but then it occurred to me that small, simple schooner would probably be a hit – considering that she has got interest on my collection of 1:1200 ships and a few tall ships she had seen.


So, I went out to look for a hull drawings and ended up with a lake schooner that would have been from around 1812 or thereabouts (something a kin to HMS General Hunter). Nice lines, relatively shallow draft, and when around 40cm long, should not be too difficult to handle. Two masts, rigged as simply as possible. Building material would be mostly balsa, planks and hardwood masts. If lucky, ballast would not need to be very heavy, and there should be no need for additional ballast below the keel.


So far so good. And yes, I know that building one side first is not the best of ways, but there are some errors to correct. End result should be fine.

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5 Responses to Something completely different

  1. Very ambitious, and looks great so far!

    • Tichy says:

      Thanks! Admittedly I could have paid more attention to the accuracy of the frames (additional to the fact that some bits are like puzzle pieces made of leftovers) but I claim the error in poor drawing quality and unsteady hand… 😀

      After all, I use Sumatran native people philosophy of construction. If you make error in the construction, build the rest so the error can be accommodated.

  2. Great work – hope it sails well!

  3. Tichy says:

    Thanks. We’ll see about that if I manage to finish it before snow falls. Progress has been fine so far. Hull should see sealer and paint relatively soon followed by flotation test if there is no unforeseen interrupts. Even some masts & fittings are done.

  4. A very interesting project and looks quite complex. I will be interested to see further WIP shots.

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