Rhodean harbour

Rhodean harbour - 2

Incidentally, colliding with my interest in the Seleucid-Roman interaction, and probably also, but unknowingly with my interest to Pax Romana I had opportunity to stop by in a natural Rhodean harbor. Putting aside the fact that it probably servers more swimmers and holiday sailboats more than Tiremes these days, it is understandable how such a position would command sea and trade.

Rhodes was quite strong both geographically and economically. Sizable fleet, flourishing trade and strategic position that could deny transport of trade goods, troops and material  was once in mutually beneficial alliance with Egypt under Ptolemy. Later, Rhodes was perhaps somewhat unwillingly co-operating with Rome for the downfall of Greece and Seleucids, and then much later perhaps not so unwillingly against Ottomans. No doubt, common to all was the key strategic position in the eastern mediterranean. A place that everyone would like to have occupied or forge alliance with.

Rhodean harbour - 1

Dorian settlers apparently saw the position of the natural harbour and dominating hill on the side and decided to erect city of Lindos around the strong defensive position that dominated not only the surrounding landscape, but also the harbor.

In fact, this nowadays rather tiny little town, and the natural harbour beside it was once so powerful that the military nature was not relinquished until much later time. Acropolis had been build over and over with each passing era leaving it’s own signature.

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3 Responses to Rhodean harbour

  1. Interesting! Thanks for posting it!

  2. Beautiful (reference) pictures. I love the Greek islands and hope to tour them again in some point.

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