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Schooner progress, part II

I found some time to create some additional components for the improvised schooner – and once again I thought that woodworking lathe & mill would be most useful. Unfortunately not possessing either, I have to resort to trusty Proxxon tool, drill … Continue reading

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Actions at Sea

For quite some time there has been hiatus in ship building and when I went to do a bit of inventory through the unpainted Langton ships, I realized that there is a whole lot of ground to cover to have them … Continue reading

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Reviews of Obscure but Interesting Games IV – Italia

While talking about Pax Romana, and Imperium Romanum II, it would be somewhat unfair to leave out Italia – an offshoot of Britannia. Unlike Britannia, Italia never quite didn’t make it, and I genuinely wonder why. Of course Britannia was … Continue reading

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Pax Romana, scenario II

There was an opportunity to play second scenario of Pax Romana, a two player game that pits Carthage and Rome against each other. Goal was simple, to destroy the capital of the other, or failing that, victory by VP’s. I … Continue reading

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Reading for the Weekend – Rigging

Incidentally I can foresee this book taking visit to a daylight again. Rigging period fore-and-aft craft by Lennarth Peterson is a book that focuses solely – as name implies – in rigging of fore-and-aft craft. Three examples are provided: British Naval Cutter, … Continue reading

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Something completely different

My daughter likes sailing ships. A lot. One day I promised to make her a ship when playing with a boat made of bark. Of course she did not forget and next two weeks I heard questions about the ship. I … Continue reading

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Rhodean harbour

Incidentally, colliding with my interest in the Seleucid-Roman interaction, and probably also, but unknowingly with my interest to Pax Romana I had opportunity to stop by in a natural Rhodean harbor. Putting aside the fact that it probably servers more swimmers … Continue reading

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