French meet Austria – part I

Somewhere in the plains of German states, French vanguard contacted strong Austrian force that had, fortunately for the French, limited cavalry support. French commander immediately sent the troops to engage the Austrians, who were not unprepared themselves. Austrian commanders were quite terrible, while their French counterparts were both able and enterprising.

Force compositions were following:

Austria: 7 Battalions of Infantry, 2 Hungarian grenadiers, Carabinier (Reserve) and two Medium Foot Artillery Batteries.

French: 6 Battalions of Infantry, 2 Hussar regiments, one Medium Foot Artillery Battery and Dragoon (reserve).

Both sides lined up, and both sides had forces set in columns to assure that they had the mobility that the terrain needed. Whomever controlled the crest in the middle, was likely to command the battlefield, albeit I must admit that I counted on the reverse slope. It did help, but not as much as I’d hope for.

First round went really poorly for the Austrians. Failing activations, they did absolutely nothing, and turn passed to the French. French were then completely different. They launched fast and furious – and very brave assault against the Austrian columns. Hussars punched through the line, and heavies occupied the ridge in the middle to make sure that certain Austrian battalions would remain in square.

Once Hussars were defeated by the Carabiniers, did the situation look less grim. However, enter Austrian command. I tried to move units to fill gaps, and to counterattack, but all in vein. It felt like the whole army was paralyzed. Once the Hungarian Grenadiers were defeated in detail, did the whole situation become desperate. The field was full of DIS 3 French battalions, that continued soldiering on.

At the end, Austrians lost 5 battalions, a lot of ground (there was a massive hole in the centre) and the French, one poor Hussar. So, victory was French, but only narrow one. I had to have match other way around…

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