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More about Pax Romana

Now that we have tried Pax Romana in four player configuration – only two turns, and stripped basic mode to get the feel of the system, several things become evident. Scalabilty Pax Romana is remarkable game because of the scalability … Continue reading

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Reviews of Obscure but Interesting Games III – Imperium Romanum II

While still around ancient era boardgames, I’d have to bring forth the classic that got me interested in the ancient board gaming in a first place. Of course it was Imperium Romanum II from long defunct West End Games, designed … Continue reading

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French meet Austria – part II

Of course, situation being as interesting as it turned out to be – superior Austrians being defeated by French, I had to give it a go as French as well. This time however, my strategy differed from that of my … Continue reading

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Pax Romana – initial impressions

Long, long ago I got copy of Imperium Romanum II. It was a fantastic idea to incorporate more or less whole Roman history in a single box, but unfortunately so flimsy that gameplay resembled more of extensive bookkeeping exercise than … Continue reading

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French meet Austria – part I

Somewhere in the plains of German states, French vanguard contacted strong Austrian force that had, fortunately for the French, limited cavalry support. French commander immediately sent the troops to engage the Austrians, who were not unprepared themselves. Austrian commanders were quite … Continue reading

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Signal Close Action – de Ternay vs. Graves

Another excellent game of SCA Fast Play. Scenario originates from excellent reference material for Close Action, a Rebel Seas that focus on American Independence. Graves left England about a week after troop convoy of de Ternay left France and it is … Continue reading

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