Impetus Scenarios

Until now I have slowly built [Basic]Impetus armies for various factions in the mediterranean without any particular goal in mind (admittedly  a long distance call from any really significant armies of any nation, ancient or otherwise) and have now come to think that perhaps there is chance for some historical fights with relatively insignificant additions(?).

Since reading quite a lot about Successors recently, I have been thinking that there could be potential for very interesting situations where sides are relatively equally equipped, yet have the finesse. There are plenty of battles to choose from, so that is certainly not a problem. Then again, the scenarios for Impetus would require a bit of adjustments, because it also appears that the battles frequently include troops in their tens of thousands.

If basic assumption is that FP would represent about 800-1200 troops and cavalry about 500, we can see where this is going. Therefore I thought that one stand could – with relative ease represent somewhere around 2500 troops in FP, counting then that phalanx of 20000 would become 8 stands – four wide and two deep – a standard Macedonian formation. Similarly the Republican Roman legions of one Triarii, one Principes and one Hastatii would represent roughly 6000 strong legion (or equivalent fighting force – fully acknowledging that 6000 is on a stronger side of any legion).

It would mean that if army strength of 50 000-70 000 would be 20 – 30 Impetus bases per side. That is a lot, but manageable. That said, numbers could also be yet halved / where reaching close to Basic Impetus range – and much closer to the existing forces. Additionally, it would allow use of BI2.0 that is due out sometime soon (I hope).

So, for goal wise one could work out first the units needed in some of the battles, and build scenarios for two different force compositions and first paint sufficient troops for smaller one, and then expand later into the larger scale.

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