Debut of Porus

I am glad to introduce the great army of the great king Porus for Basic Impetus. It took much less of an effort to paint the indians than I thought, once I got up to speed. As the army currently stands (before needing to redo the whole lot for Basic Impetus v.2). It seems that because I have extra 3 stands of archers ready, I could form up smallish army for full Impetus as well – if I only get some opposition painted up as well.

2 EL VBU:6, M:8, I:5, VD:3
1 CGP VBU:6, M:8, I:4, VD:3 (Various weapons)
1 CM VBU:3, M:10, I:1, VD:1
3 T VBU:3, M:8, I:1, VD:2 (Long Bow B)
1 FL VBU:4, M:8, I:1, VD:2 (Javelin)
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1 Response to Debut of Porus

  1. Prufrock says:

    Very effective figs and basing. Great job!

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