India – part V

Indian armies are predominantly archers combined with elephants. Chariots and cavalry have their role, but there is not so much in a way of skirmishers – one could say that Indian skirmisher would just be a bit more loose formation of archers. Some javelin armed light infantry exists, and is quite similar to their western counterparts. At VBU 4 armed with javelin, they are quite good all around units.

Because I had no particular javelin troops for Indian army, I decided to use some of the extra Gauls that I had acquired much earlier by accident.

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3 Responses to India – part V

  1. Jon Freitag says:

    At this scale, Gauls seem a suitable proxy for javelinmen. Your Indian army is taking shape nicely.

    • Tichy says:

      Thanks! I reasoned that pretty much any mountain javelin man anywhere would be armed with javelin and some sort of light small shield – only had to replace the blonde hair with black 🙂

  2. They look the part. If you would not have mentioned it I don’t think I would have guessed they are Gauls.

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