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Naval affairs – Signal Close Action, Fast Play

I haven’t got opportunity to have closer look at the SCA: Fast Play before, mostly because I do like the detailed approach of the full game, and can appreciate the fine nuances it offers. However, I ended up in situation … Continue reading

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About ancient combat and weapons

After many years of wargaming, some years of experimental history study, construction and combat practice with various close quarter weapons I have started to wonder why melee simulations have tendency to focus on the instrument. It is easy to construct … Continue reading

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Signal Close Action – A Golden Chance

After Action report of Hughes attempting to relieve Coote in Pondicherry. d’Orves interferes, and battle between ships of the line is fought in the Indian Ocean. Continue reading

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Reading for the Weekend -Admiral de Grasse

Now, time to dive into my primary interest and have a look at Admidal de Grasse and American Independence by Charles Lee Lewis (eISBN: 978-1-61251-473-4). As I am not really reading French, biographies about French navy, revolutionary or Napoleonic era appears to … Continue reading

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Impetus Scenarios I – Magnesia

I thought to start with Magnesia, but instead or relying the assumption that Romans were overwhelmed 2:1, I think it more realistic that both sides had roughly 50 000 troops. Assuming that the information is more or less correct, we could … Continue reading

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Porus versus Alexander and a bit of Roman civil war

Two quick games of Basic Impetus were played, this time Indian army versus Alexander and his Macedonians. Both has opportunity to play both sides so I think it was quite equal – not to mention fun. Of course, I had … Continue reading

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Reading for the Weekend – The Seleukid Empire of Antiochus III

The Seleukid Empire of Antiochus III  (223-187BC) (ISBN: 978-1-78303-050-7, E-ISBN: 978-1-47385-450-5) is the second part of the Seleucid history trilogy. I read the first part, Rise of Seleukid Empire some time ago and was since then disturbed by entirely different things. … Continue reading

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Impetus Scenarios

Until now I have slowly built [Basic]Impetus armies for various factions in the mediterranean without any particular goal in mind (admittedly  a long distance call from any really significant armies of any nation, ancient or otherwise) and have now come to … Continue reading

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Debut of Porus

I am glad to introduce the great army of the great king Porus for Basic Impetus. It took much less of an effort to paint the indians than I thought, once I got up to speed. As the army currently … Continue reading

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India – part V

Indian armies are predominantly archers combined with elephants. Chariots and cavalry have their role, but there is not so much in a way of skirmishers – one could say that Indian skirmisher would just be a bit more loose formation … Continue reading

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