India – Part III

Previously I started the long and tedious progress on the indian army, and have finished the indian War Elephants and bowmen. Now it is time to take up the next one, and concentrate on the second force that indians used with great effect, and perhaps from western angle they looked even a bit outdated and even megalomanic.

First the new elephants, this time escorted by light infantry and skirmishers armed with javelins.

While Chariots were in solid decline on the west due to development in tactics against them, they still enjoyed wide spread use and favor in the east. While chariots acted more or less unsupported in the west, and were individually vulnerable, the eastern tactics relied on combined arms tactics. Indian war chariots most likely acted together with War Elephants, and light infantry armed with ranged weapons.

Indian heavy chariots were really heavy, elaborate and well decorated. Some were even pulled by elephants. Chariots were armed with light infantry equipped with bamboo bows and other ranged weapons. Mobility and effective firing platform meant that elephants and chariots together were most effective, especially against enemies facing them first time.

I am not sure how well Baccus chariots depicts the actual indian heavy war chariots, since their design may have been completely different, more akin to four wheeled cart than two wheeled light construction platform favored in Egypt or by Gauls.

Meanwhile, the Basic Impetus elephant core has also been finished, two stands of VBU 6, Impetus 5 goodness…


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5 Responses to India – Part III

  1. The persistence of Chariots alongside cavalry is one of the many interesting quirks opf ancient Indian armies!

    • Tichy says:

      Indeed. Especially heavy chariots, pulled by elephants. Should really scratch build some of those 😀

  2. Jon Freitag says:

    Elephants and chariots are an exotic pairing and great fun to deploy on the table? Great job on these Baccus 6s!

    • Tichy says:

      I’d hope so – and I bet we’ll see in next few weeks. I like the rather odd Indian mix at least on paper. Good news are that there are still some more elephants, cavalry and chariots to be painted (and it dawned with realization that there should be way more archers. For 300-400 point army I recon.

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