New piece of terrain

I thought for quite some time to make terrain that represents camp or a town for a 6mm scale. It kind of ended up all right but some fine tuning is still needed, especially to blend the edges to the playing mat – which appears to be much harder than I thought. Various tree and bush layouts can be used to make the town / camp smaller or larger, or one can make the whole look like a rough forested hill.

Below some initial photos before moving on to eradicate some of the edge issues and testing other layouts.

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3 Responses to New piece of terrain

  1. Looks already very good. I think it conveys well the idea of a camp. You could add even more tents for an even more realistic look.

  2. Very nicely done! What edge?

    • Tichy says:

      Thanks! Actually the edge is not so visible from the shots but there is one – a bit annoying one which I plan to cover up with well placed bushes – or so does the theory go.

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