Two years

Sharp PracticeIt is time to look what has happened in the past year. It has been in many ways very busy – and not only because of gaming related reasons. The painting has suffered from some level of general hiatus, family life(tm) and move. Partially because of those reasons, focus has shifted a bit towards boardgames.  Many old and new ones have seen table time, such as Hannibal (all time favorite), Wilderness War, Washington War, RAN and others. I am sure that more of those are about to follow. Especially Wilderness War.

Volley et BayonetIf the painting has suffered somewhat, at least there has been more games fielded than ever before. DSLB and Impetus both have seen quite bit of table time and in both games there are quite bit of interesting scenarios still to go through. X-wing was new addition that is very simple but quick fun.

Age of Sail is my preferred genre, but somehow it is out of phase – there appears to be rather little interest to that, at least now. We’ll see if that changes this year. Some functional fleet rules would be nice – something that is good for larger fleet management. I did look up for Ospreys Fighting Sails but that appears to have some rather bad issues.

There is quite lot to do in the miniature gaming side – there is campaigning season coming up again. I have also started to think about little bit larger scale, perhaps corps level Napoleonics.  On the same token I have had some thoughts on smaller scale. There are two games that I have been pondering – one is Sharp Practice, and other is Volley and Bayonet. Former would probably be what I would need to start 7 years wars figures. 6mm Sharp practice would be interesting and for Volley and Bayonet I could use sabot bases from the existing ones.


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