So many things to do, so little time

After several months of hiatus (and other projects that have been on the priority list a tad bit higher than gaming – such as family, new home & associated renovation)  my new workspace starts to be in a shape that I can pull the brushes and paints from the boxes. Now, there is a bit of problem. There are several things that I would like to get done (in couple of weeks). Trouble with DSLB is that I am now sure that each infantry and cavalry should be represented by four stands each to create pleasing visual effect. This means that more or less everyone needs to be doubled.

  • Village, town or a big farm for DSLB that could represent more complex terrain to fight over, but also to be visually interesting major component in game. I have the base in works and it should not take very long to have it in reasonable state.
  • Repaint French/Polish infantry (wondering if I could just do a bit of touching the colors to get the blue right), work through cavalry and artillery. Especially Infantry.
  • Austrian grenadiers, infantry and artillery limbers.
  • Finish the gaming mat – there is still so many things to do on this respect. I should build forests, bushes, walls & fences and other such stuff. Admittedly, I am really bad at tackling these.
  • Paint successor pikemen – in fact a good deal of them (300 to be precise – and yes, I know it is not a whole lot – except with my painting speed) – I am not sure I can even get started.
  • Paint Indian forces (elephants, archers, swordsmen etc), at least amount needed for Basic Impetus, preferably more.
  • Paint remaining Roman Hastatii and Principes. Rebase Triarii.
  • Paint couple more Gauls.
  • River would be nice to have, but I haven’t even thought yet how to do it, not to mention started planning the layout.
  • Get the rest of the lancers finally under paintbrush – whole four stands that is.

For priorities, I would really like to have French/Austrian/Prussian units on the table for larger games. It would mean concentration on the French/Polish troops at this point.

On the other hand, because Basic Impetus 2nd edition should see daylight during summer(?), I would also like to see pike armed successors clashing with Indians and perhaps Romans. Full impetus games with Alexander and Porus would make a great spectacle.

Along with above, it would also be great to have some games in… 😉

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