Another shot of X-wing

There was an another shot of X-wing (albeit the game was quite X-wing free this time). This time with rather big and clumsy Decimator (that appeared to be far less clumsy that initially thought) escorted by two tie fighters (who knows how they ended up there… perhaps I just failed to spot the Super Star Destroyer behind the fridge). Around hundred points, I fielded two B-wings and Y-wing, sure to mount sufficient offensive capacity to eradicate the opposition. Of course I did not know the enemy force composition so I took a bit of missiles, ion turret and other things that were interesting.

Trouble was that the Decimator build was far better thought, and tough. At the point cost he had pretty much all the goodies with him – enough to make sure that at short range would it not only cause damage but also hand out stress and target locks to everyone among other things.

So, while I got few hits in at the early game, it was far from being even slightly damaged and total hits that I managed with all the ships were around 12 against 25 of the imperials (interesting considering that at most of the time target was the decimator that practically had no capacity to avoid). Of course, B-wings and Y-wings are sluggish targets, easy to hit but too many upgrades also meant that I forgot to use some critical ones at the right time.

Lesson learned? Decimator is much bigger than I thought and much meaner than the immediate statistics would suggest. Also, if (and when) I stack up usable upgrades, I should at least try to remember to use them. Lost several opportunities just by forgetting the upgrades that I had in play. Anyway, interesting game, albeit I paid dearly – again.

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