White menace with blue trousers

I have recently finished several battalions of Hungarian line infantry to accompany the Hungarian grenadiers finished sometime earlier (of course, now the grenadiers will need an update as well). However, my initial plan of battalion being composed of four bases instead of two quite drastically reduced the number of battalions that are ready and ever will be. In all fairness, more is needed. Theoretically I would need also supplement Prussian regulars and Landwehr – not to mention non-existing Reserve Infantry that should be the bulk of the late armies.

white menace - 1

If Austrian infantry battalions were abundantly manned at least on paper, Hungarians took that to other level altogether. While I do maintain that the frontage of Hungarians would remain same as for the rest, there is little nagging voice suggesting to increase the battalion frontage to 18cm from 12cm (actually for all Austrians). It would look rather awesome on the table and perhaps a tad bit closer to real battalion line than that of four bases. It is not all for visuals though. There would be benefits – added two bases would mean that then Austrians would be able to use massed infantry squares, or rectangles and wheeling or maneuvering such a battalion would be rather cumbersome affair compared to for example French. This would – theoretically highlight the national traits better than using trait values allowed by rules. It would be quite subtle.

white menace - 2

I would have to think rather carefully how to play it out, but theoretically if the Austrian frontage would be some 50% wider than the French, situations where single Austrian battalion would have to assault two columns or lines of French would be much more common. That would be, at least in DSLB quite terrible disadvantage for offensive against prepared positions. I am not sure how well the advances were timed between various elements in reality but here is some build in resilience that should be sufficient.


In DSLB it is after all often the case that when one unit moves and engages, another one is about to do so shortly after – assaults would be coordinated, but timing for two battalions marching towards enemy would not be precisely same and therefore one would always engage before another (not to mention potential traffic jams that would be real issue on the battlefield, regardless of how open they appear to be). At the end the grinding force would eventually eat up cohesion of the opposition. Perhaps in the small scale of DSLB it would play out quite accurately.

I had some reservations about Austrian white uniforms, and I think I prefer the blue trousers of the Hungarians. Grenadiers will also see significant increase in their numbers, hopefully relatively soon.

Another matter is the artillery. While matches are small scale, necessary artillery is missing from the games and reinforcements are on their way.

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1 Response to White menace with blue trousers

  1. Jon Freitag says:

    Excellent work on your Austrians! The basing with skirmishers out front is perfect.

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