Claustrophobic afternoon – and then some Xwing

There was not much planned so I stopped by at a friend to have a game of claustrophobia and some X-wing test games. Combined we managed to draw together two base sets and that gave some ships to fly around.

Claustrophobia was quick and terribly straight forward win for the humans. I have to admit that while I did play the Deamons, and it was first time for my opponent, it turned pretty fast very ugly for me. He raced to the exit faster than I could create sufficient opposition. My bad, should have been more devious and think of the tile placement a bit more than I did. Should actually hit Claustrophobia to the table more. It is fast, fun and often quite tense.


Two matches of X-wing was also played, another with my four academy pilots against Luke and a Rookie. Both sides started racing towards each other, academy pilots lined up in two by two block that then drew into a line (something a kin of column to a line one might think…). Initial clash resulted Rookie x-wing to be blown from the sky by concentrated fire of three Tie fighters. Luke killed one of the four in the same initial pass. Much of turning, rolling and k-turning followed and fire was exchanged until there was no Tie fighters left (Luke appears pretty tough to kill). He did get couple of hits but failed to perish.

I was just an observer of the second game, and it was a bit more elaborate than the first. Ties were flown by a tad bit more experienced pilots and to counter that, Luke had an R2D2 with him. That meant (what a surprise), shield regeneration. There were couple of nice moves, but it was evident that Ties could not punch in sufficient hits to get rid of the shields and to get in some real damage. Both Rebel pilots made it back to base.

So far the Imperial strategy of feeding Tie fighters against Rebel pilots until Rebels become tired and commit a suicide has failed. On the other hand, I guess that loss of 8 to 1 is perfectly acceptable casualty rate for the empire.

I have to admit that some reinforcements are needed, but not exactly sure what, nor when. We shall see. In any case, I think we’ll be having boardgames weekends a bit more frequently – and perhaps are able to field also other heavier games. All in all, it is good turn this year – perhaps some other nice things are to follow.

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