Not dead yet…

It has been a while since the last post, but as I might have mentioned in some earlier post, we had upcoming move ahead. While there is still lot to do in that front, I have managed to dig couple of games out of the boxes.

On of them was Wilderness War of which two relatively quick games were played – both ending in French victory after three hands. Of course it was first games for the opponent, and he too figured out that British really need to push forward in order to win – not to mention to secure retreats, and supply lines.

Interestingly, while my opponent did have pretty darn good luck, he did not commit to take Louisbourg but instead attempted both times to push through Ohio forks with one force, and keep the momentum in the centre through Hudson Carry. In both games, (first because of severe mistake, and in second because of miscalculation followed by severe mistake) he lost the Ohio Forks forces to attrition and enemy activity while the centre led by Abercromby stalled on insufficient campaign and ‘3’ card draws.



Other thing – which may be a bit of surprise but I’ve encountered X-wing (very late, but it appears that I always miss all the big hits with fairly large margin – except perhaps 40k epic long, long ago). Of course I have known about it for quite some time and know that the system is ridiculously simple and far from anything realistic. That said, it does have an interesting point. Because the universe it is set in is also hilariously funny, the game can actually draw fun from it – achievement in itself.

There are quite few nice things – not sure of the newest ships and all the competitive fuzz around it, but the system is quite fast paced and quite playable after few tests. Anyway, added to my portfolio of games tried and we’ll see if it develops into anything more substantial.


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