World War I – book giveaway

It is time to make donation to anyone that has World War I project in progress and would like to have some resource material. Attempting to make some room in the library before moving, I am now giving away following six books that have become obsolete for me due to project that will probably never emerge from the abyss it currently resides.

In exchange I would like to know what project they are going to be used and after project has been completed (or book read for generic interest), I would request the book(s) to be passed forward for free to next one in need. Let me know in comments if interested.

Note, choose only one you mostly need.

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3 Responses to World War I – book giveaway

  1. Jonathan Freitag says:

    What a great idea and generous gesture! Too bad I am neither working nor planning WWI project.

  2. Tichy says:

    Since there appears to be somewhat limited interest, I will donate the books to local library in coming weeks. Hopefully they find good audience.

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