Winds of Change

After some time I realized that because of current situation in life this blog will have more to do with every other aspect of historical eras, and games than strictly Napoleonic period. What has seen most table time are predominantly Mediterranean powers in Impetus and I do not see that changing too much in future – of course there will be Indians showing up in the eastern borders of Alexander’s Empire whenever I have time to paint them, but it will still be ancient era.

Due to time restraints I will also probably have Wilderness War, Hannibal, Rome vs. Carthage, Washington’s War and perhaps at later time even Mr. Madisons War and other such ones on the table more frequently than others. Never ending project to get the fleets on a table has not been going as well as I have wished for, but perhaps sometime in future that will change (at least I can hope so – and perhaps test out some other rulesets that have appeared). Because of rather low demand, there is still vast fleet of 64 and 74 gun ships (not even counting Frigates and smaller vessels) waiting to be build for both French and British.

I will continue building the Napoleonic armies at some pace, mostly because I do like painting them in 6mm, but will see how often I have them on a table – statistics are not exactly very encouraging.

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2 Responses to Winds of Change

  1. Whichever direction you decide to take, I will be watching.

  2. Likewise; very few of us have a single period that we pursue, and which ones are on the front burner and which are not will of necessity vary over time!

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