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Review – Claustrophobia

Now, something completely different. I have to admit that I have always liked Space Hulk, but not because it is hyped GW product, and somewhat(?) overproduced, and overpriced. I have liked it because it has interesting asymmetric challenge, and albeit … Continue reading

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AAR – Linear battle

Recently there was an occasion to put DSLB on a table and have a go on a regular linear battle between French under quite good command and Austria with regular plodder. Both sides had relatively small number of troops, arranged … Continue reading

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Review – Wilderness War

There are several card driven games that are good and some that are outstanding. Then there are those that have obtained status of a classic. Some time ago, Wilderness War – GMT’s old classic got through a 3rd reprint, and not  a … Continue reading

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India – Part I

So, what would be the best way to start the Indian adventure? Perhaps to admit that I have severely underestimated the quantity of troops needed for proper presentation, and will need to remedy that at one point. Besides that little … Continue reading

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Reading for the Weekend – The French and Indian War

Let’s stick to the topic of Seven Years War. Previously I was a bit disappointed to Tomahawk and Musket so I looked around for more comprehensive volume about the topic and found The French and Indian War by Walter R. Borneman … Continue reading

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Review – Age of Napoleon (1805-1815)

In a brief moment of nostalgia… I’ve had Age of Napoleon (Phalanx – published 2003) for quite some time because I thought once that it would be nice to have grand strategy game that would be playable in decent time … Continue reading

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Winds of Change

After some time I realized that because of current situation in life this blog will have more to do with every other aspect of historical eras, and games than strictly Napoleonic period. What has seen most table time are predominantly … Continue reading

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