Carthage versus Rome

There has been yet another game of Carthage vs. Rome, but this time with the rules of BI amended by protected flanks and multiple commands. Instead of regular situation of one command each side, there were two. Carthage possessed large cavalry contingent of 4x light iberian cavalry, 1x Libyan medium cavalry and African elephants. Infantry contingent that was composed of two Libyans, 2x Italian allied hoplites, 2x Samnites and 3x Iberians and skirmishers from Iberia and Balearic islands. Not a whole lot considering that the opposition, the Romans fielded full 7x legionnaires, 2x Equites, 2x Italian allied cavalry and 1x Tarantine cavalry supported with Velites in two commands.Rome vs. Carthage again - 1 Rome vs. Carthage again - 2

So, it was clear from the outset that Rome had the numbers, well trained legions and ample cavalry support. Carthage had inferior numbers, but flexible light cavalry and more flexible infantry army. The added flexibility and mobility that Impetus offers cavalry meant that factually Carthage was also definitely not in best of positions.Rome vs. Carthage again - 5 Rome vs. Carthage again - 6 Rome vs. Carthage again - 7 Rome vs. Carthage again - 8

Initially, both cavalry and infantry shortened the distance to the enemy, but maintaining the cohesion. Carthage was perfectly aware of the fact that the infantry contingent had very little capacity to fight off undisrupted legions. Deploying wide instead of deep was the only means to counter the Roman line from overwhelming, and turning the flanks.Rome vs. Carthage again - 8 Rome vs. Carthage again - 9 Rome vs. Carthage again - 10 Rome vs. Carthage again - 11

Romans on the other hand, could only wish that their cavalry contingents remained intact for as long as possible because all would depend on their longevity against the Carthaginian calvary. If they fared well, Carthage cavalry wing would be stalled, and enough time would be bought for the legions to do their job.Rome vs. Carthage again - 12 Rome vs. Carthage again - 13 Rome vs. Carthage again - 14 Rome vs. Carthage again - 15

Match itself was a quick, and decisive slugfest in the center, where Romans overwhelmed the Carthaginians and Italian allies. It really did not look all that well for Carthage. However, it was not all totally lost.Rome vs. Carthage again - 16 Rome vs. Carthage again - 17 Rome vs. Carthage again - 18

So, unusual victory for Rome – almost. Fight ended in bloody draw due to the fact that another Roman command broke just at the wrong time after loosing all the cavalry. Something that Carthage was able to pull out and not a moment too soon.

After this one, I am inclined to think that Romans should be even more infantry heavy because it is their strength, and combined arms tactics have limited use in Republican thinking. Next time I will check what happens if Romans have no significant cavalry wing whatsoever, but velites and heavy infantry instead. Should be interesting.

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2 Responses to Carthage versus Rome

  1. Terrific looking game. The scope of the ancient battlefield is really enhanced in 6mm.

  2. As always a really nice report and wonderful pictures. Can’t get enough of Carthaginians. 🙂

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