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Reading for the Weekend – Tomahawk and Musket

Because of suddenly developed interest in Seven Year War sideshow of Northern America, I had to follow an recommendation and look through Tomahawk and Musket, French and Indian Raids in the Ohio Valley 1758 by Rene Chartrand. Book is related to … Continue reading

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Carthage versus Rome

There has been yet another game of Carthage vs. Rome, but this time with the rules of BI amended by protected flanks and multiple commands. Instead of regular situation of one command each side, there were two. Carthage possessed large … Continue reading

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Full Impetus – Review

My rather long endeavor with Basic Impetus has lead to purchase of full rules and few extras over a year ago. Little later I did amend the set with Extra Impetus 4, which, considering my era of preference is essential. EI … Continue reading

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Ułan – an elite French cavalry wing

One of the more famous units of Napoleonic Wars were the Polish Uhlans. They won fame and favors of Napoleon during the Peninsular campaign. They do form an important gap in the French light cavalry contingent that has provided most abysmal … Continue reading

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Carthaginian Italian allies – Samnites

There has been a bit of a break in painting but now that the weather is turning foul again, I’d expect to get some painting done – I still have large number of pikes to paint, and a whole army … Continue reading

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Reading for the Weekend: The Rise of the Seleukid Empire

I have long tried to find some definite accounts about Alexanders Successors, especially those that would shed some light to somewhat difficult subject of Seleukid Empire. By sort of accident, while browsing for completely different topics through e-book library, a title came … Continue reading

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