Bitter Enemies

I have actually yet to play full Impetus – perhaps an oversight, but have actually preferred the simplicity of the Basic Impetus for quite some time. Of course I’ve had the books for a quite some time, and are quite familiar with the rules but never really got into thinking what kind of army would I prefer for the full rules.

Now it seems that I have made up my mind of pitting two distinctly different armies against each other in a size of around moderate 350 points. Of course after some consideration I had to pick Rome and Carthage, the bitter enemies.

Romans are quite restricted, and I have to include four legions, each containing minimum of one of each, Hastati, Principes and Velites. This means that there is little room for allies and that the legionnaires, albeit numerous are not that high quality nor have strong cavalry wing. I decided to split the command in two, an allied cavalry wing and mass of infantry screened by skirmishers. It may not prove to be flexible enough, but restrictions are what they are.

Besides, considering my previous experiences with Roman Equites, I decided to use Italian optional cavalry would fare better for the rather brittle cavalry wing. To make it hopefully a bit more solid, it is supported by cretan archers for some ranged capacity. Given general attached, at least one of the Italiolites ought to be decent.

Two rolls of destiny ought to keep the worst disasters off, and the main body should be able to take significant punishment before breaking apart. Even the loss of the whole cavalry detachment should not upset it too much – besides of the obvious effect of not having any cavalry any longer.

Good Command: 20 pts
Rolls of Destiny: 2
Poor commander: 10 pts
2 Regular legions* (2 velites, 2 pricipes, 2 hastati): 124pts
2 Raw legions (2 velites, 2 pricipes, 2 hastati): 92 pts
Break point: 28/14
Poor commander: 10 pts
2 CM (Italians)*: 23 pts
2 Cretan archers: 28 pts 
Break point: 6/3

Opposing Roman uniformitarian army will then be Carthaginian mixed bag of tricks. For Carthaginians, I thought that strong, independent cavalry command supplemented by elephants would be the way to go. Narrow but deep center would then slog along and hopefully provide sufficient staying power for the heavy and super heavy cavalry to do their job…

Good Command: 20pts
Fair commander: 20 pts
1 Punic Veteran CM*: 29 pts
1 Numidian CL (javelin): 23 pts
2 Iberian CL (javelin): 21 pts
1 Elephant: 21 pts
Break point: 8/4
Poor commander: 20 pts
1 Libyan spearmen* (large - long spear): 39 pts
1 Campagnian Hoplite (large - long spear): 39 pts
1 Gallic Warband (large - Impetuous): 21 pts
3 Scutarii (javelin): 57 pts
2 Caetratii (javelin): 28 pts
Break point 20/10

Punic center would then be composed of strong front of hoplites and Libyan spearmen screened by Caetratii. Scutarii would provide distraction by hurling javelins a midst of the Romans and avoiding contact until last resort. Gallic Warband would be the wild card that would potentially crush enemy opposition.

Of course the force compositions may be complete disaster, but we’ll see. sometime relatively soon.

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2 Responses to Bitter Enemies

  1. Jonathan Freitag says:

    My preference leans towards BI too. Looking forward to your battle.

    • Tichy says:

      Some parts of the full game – or advanced Impetus make BI actually really nice. Try the AI supported flanks and you may find I hard to play without after a while. It adds whole new layer, without much overhead (and helps to give purpose to the group move).

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