First year

During the first year, there was quite nice progress considering that I am rather slow painter, and real life has of course taken it´s toll. Not only did I start to paint ancients for Impetus, but Napoleonics have got some reinforcements as well – except of France that suffered greatly from the early painting catastrophe. To balance out, I have started redoing the French now.

year end ancients - 3

For Austria with two base arrangement, there are 17 battalions of which seven are nearly done, four battalions of grenadiers, four guns and two limbers, two regiments of cuirassiers and two regiments of hussars.

For Prussia there are 8 battalions of regulars, 10 battalions of Landwehr, four guns that need some work, four bases of hussars, one of dragoons, two cuirassiers and two Landwehr cavalry.

year end ancients - 2

Roman contingent for Impetus

For French, there are two battalions (and four more nearly ready) in new colors and new four base arrangement, one horse artillery battery, one foot artillery battery and limbers, two bases of hussars, two of chasseurs, one cuirassier and four dragoons. There are perhaps up to 10 battalions or so with old paint job.

Quite lot of Napoleonics are still in the works, and while some are more urgent than others, there is steady progress. What affects most for painting effort is the expected games, and [Basic] Impetus has been much more active until now. Grande total is about 1500 Napoleonic figures.

year end ancients - 1

Enemies of Rome in all their glory.

Ancients have also done well. From various factions around Mediterranean and Middle East, 15 bases of cavalry, 24 bases of heavy infantry, 15 bases of skirmishers supplemented by couple of bases for elephants, artillery and scythed chariots etc. Most of the painted figures were for the enemies of Rome, but due to selected period most can be employed at both sides. That is about 1300 figures. Never really thought about it but curiously, it means that in average, I have painted almost 8 figures a day, every day. Apparently, there has been rather productive evening.

Additionally, number of 1:1200 ships were rigged and some were painted but mostly that was done before the blog started. In any case, the fleets for Signal Close Action now stand at nine ships of the line for British, seven for French plus some minor vessels, disabled ships and gunboats.

DSLB double objectives5Gaming terrain has also taken off quite well. One experiment with modular arrangement, now abandoned, and another with felt mat that has proven to be the right way to go for me. Some minor features for the terrain has been build, such as forest overlays, but a lot is still in the works and should be completed sometime. Rivers would be nice, but as of yet, the method to build them is entirely open.

From gaming wise, we have seen on a table Signal Close Action, albeit not as much as wanted, DSLB and a lot of Basic Impetus. Full version of Impetus is still waiting, but should be able to field it this year. March Attack found it’s way to the collection, as well as Le Feu Sacre and it’s scenario supplement, but have only skimmed the rules. I am still in a search for the ultimate command and control game for Napoleonics, but it has not yet materialized.

From boardgames, Strike of the Eagle has been popular as well as Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage. Washington’s War was newcomer, and quite nice and because of that contemplated about Wilderness War, but left it to a self for now. Successors would be interesting addition.

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