Macedonian Companions

It seems that there has been a period of ancients painting, and finally some cavalry finished. What would be world without Macedonian Companion cavalry? Therefore last, but not least, Macedonian gift to the heavy cavalry. These are primarily aimed to represent what they are, headed by Alexander himself and intended to the army of Alexander that ought to be fielded later this year against king Porus of Paurava. However, meanwhile, they could be used as heavy cavalry of Pyrrhus and to gain some battle experience against Romans.

Macedonian companions - 1

Companion cavalry, also known as Hetairoi were the members of aristocracy close to the king – hence the name. Companions were first issued by Philip II of Macedon in his great reform of the Macedonian military, and subsequently elevated to their highest prestige during the reign of Alexander. Companions are thought to have been the first shock cavalry at least in the western world and their purpose was to act as hammer against the articulated pike anvil. Therefore, and unusually, companions were to charge infantry directly – something that contemporary cavalry would not do. It is commonly believed that contemporary cavalry formations used throwing weapons instead, save pursuit where fleein enemy formations became relatively easy prey due to loss of coherence.

Companions ceased to exist at the death of Alexander, and entirely different weapon system was developed during the Successor era, concentrating more on moderately to extreme heavily armored horses and men – cataphracts

Macedonian companions - 2


Macedonian companions - 3

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