Greek equestrians

Time to bring out one of the more useless units for Impetus. Greek cavalry that resembles the very limited cavalry arm of Syracuse and Italiots that were still present for Second Punic War. Secondary use is little bit more graceful once army of Alexander is fielded, then the Greek cavalrymen can have some fame and fortune, but meanwhile, it is just better to hold them back at the reserve, and let the men do fighting.Greek Equestrians - 1 Greek Equestrians - 2

Greeks were not famous of their cavalry arm, and more often than not, any army that contained cavalry contingent was not directly present to partake in the fighting, but were relegated more to a role of scouting or pursuit. That said, it does not mean that cavalry did not play at times decisive role, but that their employment in the battlefield were not as direct as for example in Macedonian army. It could be said with some reservation that Greek and southern Italian equestrian tradition is rather limited for warfare,partly because cavalry arm consisted wealthiest of citizens.Greek Equestrians - 3

There were one exception however. Tarantines were genuinely good javelin armed light cavalry, that employed similar hit and run tactics used by Numidians and Iberian lights to such terrible effect.Greek Equestrians - 4 Greek Equestrians - 5

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