Men of the Eurasian Steppe

Now it is time to haul in the first reinforcements from the Eurasian steppe. Seleucids, and later Alexander will need some long range support for their war effort. I have five units worth of the horse archers, in galloping posture and should field more or less all of them at one time. Horse archers are quite nice addition to Impetus, and in fact, when armed with composite bow, they sting a bit more than just a minor inconvenience.Scythians - 1 Scythians - 2

They were called Scythians, and they were of many tribes living in the Eurasian steppe. Other names for he Iranian nomads were Saka, Sai, Iskuzai, Askuzai and the distinct feature why they found themselves imprinted into the history books, was their skill in horsemanship, and excellent horse archery they practiced as mercenaries. Scythians - 3Scythian reputation of fierce warrior culture preceded them, and they often raided neighboring regions for booty. Scythian mercenaries were found from armies of Persia, Alexander and his Successors and Parthia. Most famously horse archers, albeit perhaps not Scythians but inspired by them, effectively dispatched the Roman legions at Carrhae.Scythians - 4 Scythians - 5

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