Mercenaries to end all mercenaries – Thureophoroi

Unfortunately the Baccus Thureophoroi are old cast and it is visible. Quality is a bit so so, and for example shields are honestly terrible. I decided to paint the figures as they are without working the details out, and hope that from decent viewing distance they would look all right. On that note, the backs look better so to prevent sore eyes, better to be on a side that has hired them.

I will have two stands worth, and intent is to to combine them with my Seleucids. They should serve quite well as flank guard for the extremely vulnerable Successor phalanx.


Long before Thureophoroi appeared, the default mercenary would have been peltast. In fact, one could argue that peltast started to mean every single spear for hire. Until about 4th century BC, the peltasts defensive wicker shield, pelte held up but it was eventually phased out by more rigid construction called thureos. It is said that the shield has it’s origins in Gallic designs and that Pyrrhus has been named as the importer of the shield. The period of thureophoroi light infantry lasted from mid 3rd to 3rd BC until it was phased out by Thorakitai – a peculiar design of heavy light infantry.

Thureophoroi fought as hight infantry, with javelins and long spears. Theoretically adaptable and more effective than those preceded them, they gained reputation of unreliability in close quarters fighting, probably due to their mercenary background.


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