Second take on French Artillery

It seems that French are on a roll and good painting mojo is present. Previously, I had battery of French horse artillery and foot artillery painted with rather incorrect blue and green. Took a step to touch the bits that urgently needed it with more correct ones, and left details as they were. I have no desire to disassemble the whole bases for the process of repainting, there will be entirely new ones still. In any case, outcome looks much better, albeit I guess my paintwork has improved a bit since I originally painted the guns and crews.French Artillery-2-1 French Artillery-2-2

In the new layout, each battery has two models and frontage about 60mm when deployed. I am considering to add either caissons, or horse & limbers for the foot battery. Perhaps two, or four horses per limber instead of six of horse artillery. I almost certainly have some extra so that would not be a problem. It would also mean that then unlimbered artillery battery would be 60mm square – which it actually should be. When limbered, Artillery batteries would take up 30mm x 120mm of space – rather considerable amount, which again would be quite proper. French Artillery-2-3 French Artillery-2-4

If and when artillery batteries stop being compact, their initial deployment to right spots will become ever more important. Based on previous experiences, also control of road network, even if limited, would become more important than before. One cannot assume anymore that they would not become obstacles for movement and maneuver if deployed poorly. It would also restrict somewhat the extreme utilization of Artillery that has derived from the rather nonexistent footprint.

Anyway, since the French small force now has more or less what is needed for “One Hour Scenario”, will fill up details and start expanding the force. Next to check Austro-Hungarians to make sure that opponents can be fielded in sufficient numbers.

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