First of the French Voltigeurs

So, here’s the Voltigeurs that have been waiting to be fielded for quite some time. Now, with two infantry battalions and decent amount of cavalry, I should be able to pull together small scenarios. Already scanned through One Hour Wargames, and perhaps not surprisingly, there are quite few that can be adopted for the ruleset of choice. All of them are from Baccus new range (that has been around already for quite some time) French, which I quite like, even if the poses are identical.

Voltigeurs-n1 Voltigeurs-n2For basing I thought to test ‘Mikey mud’, but jury is still out for that one – and of course I had to use different static grass for the line infantry and Voltigeurs. Realized that a bit too late, but it’s probably all right. Different timezone or season at the wings then. And yes, I know, the line infantry Voltigeur skirmisher plumes are perhaps the only combination of green/yellow/red that was not in actual use (or which I could not find reference to – which is entirely different thing of course). Wondered for a moment to fix it, but probably just leave them as they are.
Voltigeurs3Voltigeurs4At last, first battalion ready for action, advancing in column. Now there are only about ten to go, or thereabouts. It will, no doubt, take some time but on the other hand I am not in a grave hurry and can actually enjoy the painting process, instead of just pushing new figures out from the production line as quickly as I can.Voltigeurs7Voltigeurs-n3Voltigeurs-n4

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