First of the French Grenadiers

French Grenadiers1Since the decision to play smaller engagements with infantry formations containing four stands and 12cm total frontage, I decided to make French battalions more visually interesting by incorporating Grenadiers and Voltigeurs to them in addition to the line infantry. French Grenadiers2Basically it means that now each battalion has one stand of Grenadiers, one of Voltigeurs and two of line infantry – at later time, if need rises, I can then separate Voltigeur and Grenadier battalions.  Arrangement has no effect on play, but perhaps it will demoralize the enemy thinking that they are more powerful than what is really the case. It has worked for Austro-Hungarian Grenadiers so why not here.French Grenadiers3

Once I finish up the two stands worth Voltigeurs, I will have two battalions of the new type. Very little for any sort of army, but if supplemented by some artillery and perhaps unusual numbers of cavalry, I should be able to field them for educational scenario, where small French contingent plays a delaying action against Austrians. Why such small force then? Mainly because it means faster play, and then the terrain plays a greater part in the fight – if test is successful, then it may become more of a regular way.French Grenadiers4Since DSLB has number of distinct features that can be added to units, such as unit being impetuous, strong, weak etc. Usually, they have limited effect in large games, where individual fighting prowess or lack of it counts relatively little but in scenario that has limited number of troops, the traits could shine really well.

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