Yet another basing experiment

I know that building stands with some unique features, such as trees looks a bit odd and out of place when they go about the battlefield, but just for sake of fun I wanted to test out how water features looked like (there goes my original idea not to include these – those boulders earlier were really slippery slope…). I happen to come by ‘Noch Modelwasser’ in a local hobby store, and while not intending to do anything significant, a tiny water feature I had in my mind warranted the investment.

Legion Rubicon1

So, I had essentially two options, one that required legionnaires to have their feet really wet, and another that would hopefully look interesting from right angle and not force anyone cold feet. So, stream it was then.

Legion Rubicon2

Would I have had that idea a bit earlier, I’d have horseman clad in imperial purple standing in the middle, and call the whole as ‘crossing the Rubicon’. River in question today, as in all likelihood never, been really a proper river, but small stream that has no other value than the political and literary one.

Legion Rubicon4

I have never used water features before, and not sure if the outcome is what I envisioned but perhaps after several iterations it will take shape.

Legion Rubicon3

I will probably continue the experimenting. Main reason for the model water is of course ship basing, which I have never been really happy with – regardless of the iterations, and that is something I’d need to address way or other. Meanwhile, I probably use the current bottle for additional overgrown rivers and ponds.

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